I am a record industry lawyer and I can't be bothered

17 Jun 2011 | 171 words | copyright european union

So one of the more memorable moments of this mornings rather dystopian ICT and management of creative content session at the Digital Agenda Assembly came when the representative from EMI publishing tried to make an argument by stressing that consumers can already buy music via iTunes under clear terms. In reaction to my interruption that these clear terms consist of 60 pages of legal gibberish he replied ‘i am a music industry lawyer and even i don’t read them’, which in return made everybody laugh a little bit and continue the discussion.

I don’t know how often i have heard this or a similar reaction before but it starts to really irritate me. If the very people who are responsible for these insane terms of use think that they are a joke, then maybe legislators should seriously consider mandating a ‘i think these are a joke’ option or a ‘i am a record industry lawyer and i can’t be bothered’ button next to the ‘i accept button.

itunes terms of use