Blogging from Beirut

23 Jul 2006 | 156 words | lebanon media war israel

Looks like the current situation in Lebanon has lead to an explosion in the number of blogs from Lebanon in the last couple of days, which of course means that there is more interesting stuff out there than anyone can read without becoming a social outcast…

My absolute favorite is this blog with black and white drawings by Mazen Kerbaj. If you have not seen his drawings yet go check them out! Also worth a read are this bilingual (arabic/english) blog by people of the grass roots group sanayeh who are blogging about the relief work they are doing in central Beirut and the siege of lebanon group blog that collects various first person accounts from all over Lebanon.

Finally there is a blog that collects headline items from the Lebanese newtv television channel providing minute by minute updates of the situation. And of course wikipedia seems to do an impressive job at covering the events.