Short interruption ...

23 Jul 2006 | 155 words | media copyright internet stupidity cycling

Was watching the live stream of the tagesthemen (the late edition of the main news show of the ARD) earlier this evening. after a rather helpless interview with the german foreign minister again avoided to tell the Israelis their completely unjustified attacks on Lebanese civilians) they had a bit about the final of this years Tour de France which had the potential to cheer up my mood a little bit, but instead of seeing images of champagne-drinking cyclists i got this:

Short interruption – due to legal issues this item cannot be shown on the internet

Bunch of stupid wankers! Not showing a news report about the tour de france on the final day of the event pretty much unacceptable. Does not really matter if they do not have the internet rights or if they do not have the rights to broadcast outside of germany. This is news-reporting and they shoudl get a better lawyer.