Tales of the absurd

25 Jul 2006 | 116 words | lebanon war

There is another quite brilliant posting by Sonya Knox on the Siege of Lebanon group blog. This passage really made me think of a picture i took in Beirut last june:

A shipment of hundreds of towels arrived today to the Nasra school in Achrafieh. Hundreds of hundreds, bagged-up by the dozen, creating a small multi-colored mountain in one corner of the open yard. No one is quite sure where they came from; apparently some lads arrived in the early hours of the morning, deposited them all from a small hatchback, and left without a word.

“They’re certainly not from the Memory-of-the-Martyr-Rafik-Hariri-Institution,” joked Abu Ali, “or the martyr’s face would have been sewn into each one.”