On new media [back in Buxelles again]

26 May 2006 | 245 words | africa europe religion media brussels

[no external keyboard so spelling is fucked up again] Am in Bruxelles for okno public1. It is cold and rainy as usually so people are freezing and are coming up with clever ways to keep their seats warm:

Or is this just an very effectie and selfish way of claiming a seat while you are ordering your next drink? [anyway it is good to see that my old powerbook is doing much better than the current one].

Yesterday the festival was much strange as the same building was also the host to a endless ascension service of 350 or-so enthusiastic African christians [apparently organized by an organization called ministry of spiritual combat]. For hours these poor souls listened to various men in shiny suits telling them all the inn’s and out’s about dirty thoughts, true belief and the virtues o self restraint. astonishingly these rather annoying messages caused great excitement among the audience which in turn expressed itself by loud chanting, wild dancing and blowing of fog horns. At some point shaina decided to investigate a bit more into the reasons foe their excitement and was told that the whole purpose of this ‘combat spiritual’ was to cleanse themselves of their sins much ‘like the hindus do when they take ritual baths in the ganges’.

At this point namita observed that the cleansed-out sins were probably ascending though the ceiling into and somehow transformed themselves into new media on the fourth floor of the building…