Of men and dogs

07 Oct 2007 | 199 words | europe border migration

While looking for photo material for the 4th edition of the crossing borders newsletter (which is a pretty pointless undertaking anyway as my old school anarchist friends continue to send me texts that are way to long to get any photos included in the newsletter) i came across the website of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, which has been set up because – according to the EP – they have one of them ‘black holes in which illegal trade in arms, the trafficking in human beings and the laundering of criminal finance are carried on’ somewhere in the general area east of the EU (probably in Transnistria).

Now EUBAM has a mighty impressive website (especially when compared to the miserable FRONTEX website) that contains shitloads of highly amusing pictures. Especially if you are into photographs of meetings, euro-uniform pr0n and h4wt chicks doing the passport checking thing.

They even have an online photo exhibition titled ‘crossing the borders‘ [wtf?], which manages to give a remarkably dull picture of the average border police officer. looks like most of them are fat bastards with unfashionable beards and or hats who are extremely fond of their dogs: