Non-existing airbag

09 Jan 2006 | 157 words | argentina cars business

In order to get to monte leon national park we had to rent a car. europcar got us a brand new Renault Clio which prooved to be a nice car even on the dirt roads (ripios) of Patagonia.

From the outside the clio looked like any other Clio i had been in so far, but after a while i started to notice that almiost all non-essential extras where missing form the car: No electrical window openers, no central door locking mechanism & no air bags. Looks like renault produces a trimmed down version for the Argentinian market. While this is not really surprising it is a bit cheap that the dashboard does include an airbag status control lamp (or at least the symbol next to such a lamp) for the non-existing airbag. If you insist on saving on the security equipment you should at least have the decency to spend an extra peso to hide your stinginess.