My macbook had the lifespan of a hamster

10 Jun 2007 | 129 words | technology travel mobile computing

I had the sentence ‘this macbook has the lifespan of a hamster’ as my desktop background for a while now. had assumed that hamsters do have a lifespan of about two years. Yesterday Tamara mentioned that her hamster had died after one year when she was 10 and coinciditially my macbook died yesterday evening (after about a year of good service).

This happend while taking notes during the reflection group meeting of the ECF in Amman for which i am supposed to write up the report. So now i am stuck whith tareks 2nd powerbook which somewhat unfortunately has a french keyboard. If you type ‘this macbook has the lifespan of a hamster’ on a AZERTY keyboard you get ‘this ;qcbook hqs the lifespqn of q hq;ster’ very annoying…