Making informed choices

16 Apr 2006 | 187 words | amsterdam music stupidity

Have been going out in Amsterdam for the first time in what seems to be ages. went to a night called ‘labyrinth’ or something like that in paradiso. In the small room there is a quite prominent LED display which displays (no not the BPM count, that would have been like 10 years ago) but the noise level in decibels:

Decibel display in Paradiso

Now how silly is that? Are people constantly checking this and leave the room when the level exceeds what their doctor recommends? Are thy going to the DJ and asking him to turn down the volume to a specific level do they can have chat with their mates? Seems like the this whole idea that consumers have to make informed choices all the time (like choosing an electricity provider, or choosing for a call by call long distance provider) is getting a bit out of control. If you go to a club you get loud music period. If do not what loud music, or if you are concerned about the little hairs in your ears, well then do not go to a club.