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25 Sep 2005 | 204 words | berlin markets business

On saturdays there is a small and – due to the lack of clientele – pathetic food market on the street right in front of our place in berlin. when it started about a year ago it still had many more stalls then nowadays and one of them was offering a ‘juppy menu’ (referring i guess to the acronym for young urban professionals) that consisted of currywurst, cole-slaw, french fries & champagne:

As far as i can remember the stall lasted for 4 weeks or so. By now there are way fewer stalls (something like two vegetable, one bread, one flower, one meat and one fish-stall). Once in a while somebody new tries his luck and so today two nirvana-playing juvenile sidewalk musicians directed my gaze to the current dare-devil entrepreneur. Basically the long gone ‘juppy’ menu offering sans the curry and sans the french fries and sans the champagne:

Looks as if not only the market has suffered some decline, but there seems to be a corresponding decline in the perceptions of the economic opportunities as well. The whole thing kind of reminded me of last years visit to argentina where things are not much better but at least executed with impeccable style: