Enjoy the most complete edition of windows (Syrian style)

When i first flew to Beirut in 2005, i was seated next to a Microsoft representative who then mentioned that Microsoft could not do business in syria, ‘because it is on the shit-list‘ (guess her refers to John Bolton’s extended axis of evil). Of course that does not mean that no one is using Microsoft products in Syria (in fact there are shit-loads of computer shops and internet cafes in Damascus if one considers that computers and internet have only been legalized in 2000). In fact you can buy the latest Microsoft products almost anywhere, the only thing that differentiates them from Microsoft products in other countries are the installation instructions:

Install Windows Vista Ultimate Without Entering a Serial Number. Chose The Option “windows vista ultimate”

after completing the installation, go to your cd drive and open the folder “crack” from there, and run the application “crack.exe” and wait until the activation process complete and you’ll se a message says: the process is completed successfully, and requesting a system restart.

after restarting system you will receive a pop message says” activation done successfully now close the message windows and start windows.

and that’s all, now you can enjoy the most complete edition of windows with no time limits, and can be updated directly from Microsoft.com

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