Detention center for migrants guarded by undocumented migrants

03 Nov 2007 | 141 words | migration united states

Yet another (fairly ironic) proof of the fact that western societies are dependent on undocumented migrant labour (while at the same time everybody is busy pretending that it makes sense to keep migrants out, to the extent that we make it more or less deadly to enter Europe and the US): It seems that a detention center in Texas where undocumented noncriminal immigrant families are imprisoned because of their undocumented status has employed undocumented migrant workers as prison guards:

โ€œThe dirty little secret is out: The T. Don Hutto Family Residential Center, a detention facility for immigrant families in Taylor, has employed undocumented workers, as well as contractors with criminal records. The revelation has put Williamson County, which administers the center for owner-operator Corrections Corporation of America, in an embarrassing legal bind.โ€

via: State of Opportunity, original austin cronicle article here.