This blog has moved (again)

10 Jul 2021 | 180 words | internet

A quick note that i have moved this blog back to my own server. After 2 years or so as a ghost1 instance hosted somewhere in the clouds provided by Digital Ocean it is back on my own server (provisioned by I have rebuild the entire site as a set of static pages generated with Hugo.

Unfortunately this move means that the new version replaces the very first (wordpress based) iteration of this blog which was also hosted here but had a different url structure and now external links to the first version are broken. I have attempted to create redirects for the old urls but have failed to do so (something to do with escaping “?“s in the old urls), which gives me considerable grief in having just read Jonathan Zittrain’s excellent long read on the rotting Internet in the Atlantic.

  1. I still very much like what ghost is doing (and would probably use it again for other projects), but maintaining my own install in the cloud required way too much maintenance for a small personal side project. ↩︎