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Europe without barriers

08 Jan 2009 | 30 words | europe european union signs

Looks like the Czech are a little bit overburdened by the EU presidency [or they are trying to be funny in a kafkaesque way ] [ceske noviny via boing boing].

No wonder...

05 Aug 2008 | 28 words | airtravel stupidity signs united states

… that South Americans and Canadians consider the gringos to be arrogant:

Window display of the Continental Airlines agency on Meiji-dori between Ebisu and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

Everything is ok....

26 Sep 2007 | 27 words | urbanism art signs

Which – off course – is totally not true, but this barricade tape by San Francisco design firm MINE is just brilliant:

Picture (cc-by-sa-nd) by laughing squid.

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